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4 Things about the DMC Talent Programme for Companies
  1. This programme is designed to be an end to end solution.

    • We’ll source and match you to digital talent, and once they are onboard your company we train and mentor them. More details here

    • If you’re just looking for talent to be trained, why not check out the QED Masterclasses instead

  2. Funding support of up to 90% is available.

    • However, as always, criteria and conditions will apply with government grants. Learn about them here.

  3. By participating, you stand in solidarity with us in helping bring mothers back into the workforce!

    • That said, we will match you with candidates that fit the job description you provide us. They may or may not be mothers.

  4. Getting starting is really simple.

    • Have a job description for a digital marketing or communications role and apply! We’ll then reach out to help you with the on-boarding process. Get started if you’re ready! If not, here’s our FAQ page or contact

The Process
  • Step 1: Get On-Board - Get started on the programme here 

  • Step 2: List the Job - Once on board, we’ll list your job opportunity on the site

  • Step 3: Interview Candidates - We’ll curate and shortlist candidates for you to interview

  • Step 4: Hire - Inform us when you offer your choice candidate the job and an employment contract

  • Step 5: Train & Mentor - Your new hire joins our earliest programme run of the 3-month training and mentorship

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