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Mentor Profile - Alina Rusu

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

“When I teach a course, it’s very important that I set up the scene and put myself into the shoe’s of the learners. I don’t just follow a top-down approach, but I make sure that I’m intentional in my training. I aim to make these sessions significant - where they can come out with information that is actionable!” - Alina Rusu

Alina Rusu

Founder & Director of Business Academia Singapore

Alina Rusu is one of our Trainers and Mentors in the Professional Conversion Programme for In-House Digital Communications. Her portfolio extends far and wide, having worked with various MNCs and SMEs alike, both locally and around the Asia-Pacific region. Across the years, she has trained and mentored over a thousand professionals.

The turning point in Alina’s career came in March 2014, when an opportunity arose for her to head the L&D function for the South East Asia arm of Adecco. She oversaw the design and implementation of L&D strategies that will go on to support the company’s Human Resources needs in the South-east Asia region.

After almost a decade with Adecco, Alina made the transition to Club Med, a French travel and tourism operator. There, her portfolio was expanded to include the Asia-Pacific and Greater China regions.

“It was a steep and scary, but a very interesting learning curve,” Alina recounts when asked about the transition.

Today, she is the proud founder of Business Academia, a company that supports organizations and individuals in their innovation and transformation journey with L&D Programmes.

Alina Rusu - Founder & Director of Business Academia Singapore

3 Questions in 3 Minutes on Alina’s Training Methodology!

Q1: What is your Training Methodology?

A: To always set aside time for peer discussion for a better learning experience. I’m a huge advocate for experiential learning, and I believe that the best learning experience comes when participants are fully engaged with the training sessions.

Q2: What does ‘Experiential Learning’ look like in your Training Sessions?

A: Expect roleplays, icebreakers and group activities when you join in on one of my training sessions! I love activities that engage and confuse my trainee’s - there’s never a dull moment!

Q3: How do you enhance your trainee’s learning experiences?

A: Designing and deploying a training is as equally important as delivering it. I make sure to put myself in the learner’s shoes, and I make the effort to not follow the top-down approach - but to make sure that I am intentional!

Touted as a "Traintainer" (Training + Entertainer) by her peers, Alina’s burning passion to deliver her knowledge with unique entertainment and great audience engagement has made her the ‘perfect trainer’.

She often finds professionals leaving comments about being happy to attend her sessions when they initially came from a place of “being forced to come”.

Expect your trainees to be deeply engaged when they meet Alina at our PCP training and mentorship sessions! Find out more about our lineup of mentors and trainers today. Just email us at for more information.

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