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Train Up Your New In-house Digital Hires with Up to 90% Grant Support

(Adapted from Linkedin)

Martin spent the bulk of his career in the Human Resource industry, but his new role at The Amdon Group required him to go a step further - on top of providing HR leadership advisory, he would have to helm the firm’s Digital Marketing efforts. This was entirely new for him.

QED Consulting’s Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for In-house Digital Communications Professionals equipped him with in-demand digital skill sets that played a crucial role in helping him pivot into his new role. Through the programme, he picked up practical digital marketing & communications knowledge and gained in-depth skills in areas such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), digital analytics, and brand strategy. These skill sets enabled him to lead Amdon’s digital marketing efforts with confidence and success.

The Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) For In-House Digital Communications Professionals is designed to support employers in training up individuals like Martin to become valued additions to your in-house marketing team.

If you’ve recently employed* a mid-career switcher for a digital marketing or communications role in your team, our programme can support you by subsidising both your new hire’s training fees and salary.

What you can expect from our PCP:

  • Panel of highly qualified industry professionals to train & mentor candidates

  • Robust syllabus designed to equip candidates with in-demand digital skill sets

  • 70% - 90% training subsidies for a 4-month equipping programme**

  • 70% - 90% salary support for the programme duration and up to 95% for candidates eligible for Jobs Growth Incentive (JGI) subsidies**

For more information, visit

or contact

*Has only joined the company for < 3 months

**Terms & conditions apply

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