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Mentor Profile - Audrey Kuah

“I always try to bring it back to examples. Real life applications, Real life cases.

Do and don'ts, success and failures so that people can see the application of it as opposed to the theory of it.” - Audrey Kuah

Audrey Kuah

Former Dentsu International Executive Director, Media Practice, Asia Pacific

Audrey Kuah is one of the most experienced and passionate mentors we have onboard the Digital Marketing & Communications (DMC) Talent Programme. Armed with two decades of experience in the Marketing and Advertising Industry, Audrey brings to the table extensive knowledge and insights, coupled with a real-world understanding of what it means to go to market with advertising campaigns, to deliver quality guidance to all CCP trainees.

Throughout her 29 years of working experience, Audrey has held various senior leadership positions. Prior to her sabbatical, she spent almost a decade of her career with Dentsu International, starting off as the CEO of Aegis Media Singapore and eventually becoming the Executive Director of the APAC Media Practice team.

She was also recognised as one of the top 100 Digital Marketers in the World in 2019.

Till date, she actively pursues her passion for marketing. When she’s not mentoring mid-career switchers under the DMC Talent Programme, she spends her time advising the Singapore Tourism Board & Intellectual Property Office of Singapore International (IPOS) as a board member.

Her love for marketing can be accredited to an ex-boss who was a big proponent of it. He ignited her passion with a book by Philip Kotler, the Father of Marketing, and instilled in her a mindset of lifelong learning — which she still lives by!

Audrey’s Training Methodology involves infusing real world examples into her sessions so that those who attend the DMC Talent Programme will learn a myriad of things, and most crucially, how to implement the skills learnt immediately and effectively.

Audrey’s Top Tip:

Read up!

“Learning and reading are very intertwined. Reading about the topic can help you get into the minds of some of the greatest professionals in that field or discipline. Don't shortchange yourself by not reading up about it.”

Her hobby of reading has introduced her to a plethora of wisdom and insights that the everyday person lacks. Combine this with nearly 3 decades of working experience across industries and geographies and rest assured that she will deliver fruitful and meaningful sessions.

Find out more about our lineup of mentors and trainers today. Just email us at for more information.

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