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7 most in-demand digital marketing skills 2021

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

These seven digital marketing skills (Figure 1) have surfaced as essential for in-house marketing teams from our recent industry study* that surveyed 90 decision makers in senior leadership roles.

The demand for Social Media Marketing skills remains high and mirrors the acceleration of more consumers, businesses and organisations having to digitalise marketing and communication efforts due to lockdowns and social distancing in 2020.

*If you would like to receive a copy of the 2021 Digital Marketing Talent Development Report, email

Equip your organisation’s new digital marketing hires with these in-demand digital skill sets and boost your in-house marketing capabilities.

Supported by Workforce Singapore (WSG), the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) For In-House Digital Communications Professionals is a highly-subsidised training course designed to impart new digital marketing hires* with the knowledge and skill sets to support your organization’s digital marketing efforts.

What it offers your organization:

  • 70% - 90% training subsidies for a 4-month equipping programme**

  • 60% - 95% salary support*** for up to 8 months

  • Coaching and mentorship from leading industry practitioners who have spearheaded marketing teams of global MNCs

  • Robust syllabus designed to meet the industry’s in-demand digital skill sets

  • Designed to support the learning needs of mid-career switchers

Interested to find out more? Visit or contact for more information.

*Has only joined the company for < 3 months

**Terms & conditions apply

***Inclusive of Jobs Growth Incentive (JGI) subsidies. Between 1 Sep ‘20 - 31 Sep ‘21, PCP salary support will cover 35%-45% of a candidate's salary on top of the 25% - 50% organizations will receive from the JGI.

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